(A)nd then I was born…

It is believed that a disciple is born when Guru glances at him/her for the first time. February 07, 2013 is when my journey began. The fateful day which brought me to my Spiritual Master, Babaji Srijnana Kalandar. Few thoughts after this life altering experience…  

February 23, 2013; Delhi

It is hard to describe the process of transformation which I have been going through since past few days. I am still trying to decipher, realise and accept the way my mind is boggled with things beyond comprehension. I look for meanings which are inaccessible. I seek wisdom for understanding mechanism of this physical world. Baba, you wished to know how I perceive you when you already know it. While I sit and pen down my thoughts I am sure you are listening to me. I can strongly feel your reception and acknowledgement, right at this moment. You are capable of seeing through and you know precisely what lies in my heart. I feel immensely blessed and privileged that you have ‘ordered’ to share my experiences with you. As I go along with my infinitesimal version of your broader magnanimous narrative I would like to extend gratitude for being there for me, with me.  

When my mother told me about you I was amazed. More than that, I was intrigued to learn the reasons and instances which altered your life to this degree. I wanted to know more about GiveFood Initiative and The Khidmat Foundation. How did you personally confront this larger responsibility you’ve been bestowed with? 

February 07, 2013: And then finally I met you and Ammaji at Chirag-e-Roshan for the first time… an absolute enchanting experience! “Was a stranger when I walked in and then you became my family”. The sheer placidness and an absolute unification of religious faith instilled happiness and hope within me. The realization that praan (I can’t find an equivalent word in English) prevails in every living being. My mind kept wondering where was I after all?

Baba, our first meeting is inexplicable. It shook me completely. I have never witnessed such a tremendous energy before I met you in person. And I don’t state that to impress you with my insights. This is exactly how I felt! I was not able to verbalise or rather vocalize my thoughts in front of you. It was there in my head, but I just couldn’t speak! I witnessed something different and yet I was an active participant. I was sitting right there in front of you while my mind was running into various criss-cross directions. You questioned my conviction, posited an alternate way of life which I didn’t think of. I bestow complete faith in you for it is quintessential for existence. And yet, the tussle between my rational and spiritual mind persists. You know where am I heading, I cannot see that for myself. It’s time for a new beginning and re-learning. I don’t intend to pester you with the humane troubles. Wisdom is what I seek.

With Reverence


Photo Credits @givefoodinitiative, All Rights Reserved

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  1. yogisidd says:

    Life is a flow and we evolve . Hari Om ,


  2. You have written so beautifully – I can feel the reverence for Baba. Welcome to the Blogging world! Best Wishes.
    Ishieta @ Isheeria

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