(C)hirag Roshan Divas

Every year I look forward to February 07 when my Noor-Aks-Narayani family celebrates Chirag Roshan day at Noida Ashram. Babaji Srijnana Kalandar, an Avdhut, has established Noor-Aks-Narayani spiritual order which is a unique synthesis of Kalandari and Dattatreya tradition. It all began when the first chirag (consecrated earthen lamp) was lighted in 2012 at Noida Ashram.

With Sarvatma Seva Sankalp as the driving force, one witnesses immense servitude, reverence towards the Masters marked with celebrations throughout the day. I personally view it as a ‘conference of birds’ since Baba’s followers and devotees from all over India come together under one roof for this special occasion. And what follows is for the world to see…

Food is an integral part of our lives at the Ashram. We have been taught not to waste food and to serve whosoever is in need. Food is a right, not a privilege. On Chirag Roshan day, special biryani langar is organised and served outside the ashram premises in the afternoon. Baba says- “Annadan is Mahaadan” and it holds special relevance in the contemporary scenario. It’s high time we feel responsible when hunger kills thousands every day in our country.

Since past ten years, GiveFood Initiative has been successfully conducting regular free food distribution programs in Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Thiruvananthpuram. The Initiative’s target is to achieve zero hunger. Through the foundation’s mobile langar vans approximately 3000 people are fed every single day nationwide. The aim to feed 1 lac daily.

Time and again, Chirag Roshan Divas reminds me “to begin small… begin today” (Babaji Srijnana Kalandar)


Photo Credits @givefoodinitiative, All Rights Reserved

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  1. What a profound idea… ZERO Hunger! I can now also see how even my small bit every day could fit into the larger happiness.
    I find your writing setting off these sparks of thoughtfulness! please keep writing and sharing.

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