(D)on’t You Waste Food!

While studying abroad I used to travel alone for hours, rather days together. It never seemed to end. It was an exhausting exercise for me.

But here back home, travelling with Baba has been a great learning experience. The child in me desperately waits for the next adventure. It is an experience which cannot be translated into words, an opportunity in its own kind. One always ends up learning something fresh, something new.

I have always been amazed when Baba pays attention to the minutest details, where normally one would just skim through the surface. Now that I reflect, I understand observing him has improved my sensitivity towards the surroundings.

That day, we were heading back from Bombay after meeting visitors and Baba’s followers. The passengers sitting across the aisle ordered two Chicken Junglee sandwhiches. The middle-aged lady (who was a foreigner) scraped off the insides, licked it off and callously folded the sandwhich back together. Her co-passenger was sleeping. Who eats like that, I thought to myself.  Or is she allergic to gluten, could be possible.

After a few minutes, her fellow passenger woke up and asked for food. He hardly took a bite and threw it all away. Witnessing this sight Baba got really perplexed. He politely intervened and explained it to them that food should not be thrown away. Despite their silly arguments, Baba patiently insisted that it could have been eaten by someone. There was no need to discard edible food like that. After much reasoning and justification, they apologised and accepted their mistake.

Silently watching this whole bizzare episode, I wondered why do we all fail to understand that food is a right of every individual and not a privilege. Somebody’s “Joys of the world” could be another’s lifelong struggle. Surely, not so privileged are dying of hunger because people like us who can afford waste food every single day. Those “who cannot buy food” should have equal access to food. It’s time we feel responsible for our actions and stop passing the buck. After all, Hunger doesn’t discriminate like you and me.


Photo Credits @givefoodinitiative, All Rights Reserved

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  1. indeed a bizarre experience! and it is sad to see so much wastage! hunger doesnt discriminate – that’s a powerful punch!!!

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  2. Kacy says:

    This is an arictle that makes you think “never thought of that!”


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