(G)uru Purnima Celebrations

Welcome to Mehfil-e-Kalandar’s most awaited event of the year-Guru Purnima! Here each one of us shares a unique journey with our beloved Master, Pir-o-Murshid Babaji Srijnana Kalandar, and are yet unified in a single thread of love and brotherhood. All of us belonging to different walks of life are together under one roof- Sarvatma Sevashram. For us, celebration is a way of life, service is our commitment and love is the underlying binding force. After the days’ work, Guru Purnima stands synonymous when we come back home to our Master.

During the evening majlis, all hearts reach out and cry: “Des Bides main ghum phiri hoon, mohe tora rang man bhayo… Mohe apne hi rang main rang de Khwajaji, mohe rang basanti rang de… Aaj rung hai ri maa, rung hai ri, Mere Khwaja ke ghar rang hai ri”. There seems no solace anywhere else, this is our final destination

Babaji Srijnana Kalandar, an Avdhoot,  is the founder of  Noor-Aks-Narayani spiritual lineage that holds within it intense power of the mystic Sufi Kalandar as well as the gentle, nurturing flow of the Narayani tradition emanating from Sri Dattatreya. 

To be in his company is to be hopelessly lost in oneself as the bliss of divine love rises spontaneously in one’s own Heart.  

Beyond sermons and teachings, and encompassing the essentials of all religions, Baba’s message remains of love and service – Sarvatma Seva. Here is a being whose mission is to set man free. Let us walk with him, step by step, allowing him to guide us on this extraordinary journey towards freedom.

Photo Credits @givefoodinitiative, All Rights Reserved

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