(I)n the Dreams…

My parents and younger brother had already met Baba and Amma at Sarvatma Sevashram, Noida before me. I had the privilege of meeting my spiritual parents for the first time on Chirag anniversary day. My life changed that day. When I saw Amma, I remembered having seen her in my dream few days back. She seemed very familiar to me. As I had known her since ages. I could not speak with them that day. Baba asked my mother to bring me back to the ashram in the following week.

What happened next is for the world to see…

Dream like reality… the next meeting with Baba was absolutely inexplicable! I cannot describe the feelings, how spellbound I was! He knew every single thought of mine. I kept quiet, completely unable to translate my thoughts and he resolved my dilemmas precisely the way it was present in my mind sequentially. By that time I had already applied at about ten different universities in the United States for pursuing PhD. Program in Women and Gender Studies. I got admitted to SUNY (Buffalo), Texas Women’s University for a Master’s level degree and University of Kentucky (Lexington) without any financial aid. Baba advised that I should not go to the United States. My mother was shocked as she had not anticipated this. Baba had already spoken the very exact words in my dream a night before. I was amazed to see the similarity between dream and the real life… the boundary had just blurred! He advised an alternate career path for me and I was fully prepared to pursue what was being told.

Few days after this meeting, in my dream Babaji suggested pursuing “development studies” instead of gender studies as a future career. In the month of April, about a month after I had started coming to Noida ashram, I received an admit to the PhD. Program at Arizona State University (Tempe) which was fully aided. I was left dumbstruck! It was a major turning point in my life. The offer came only because of Baba. I was very well familiar with my capabilities and capacities as a student and a researcher. It was an absolute impossible situation otherwise.

Sceptics may call it naivety, for me it has been a lived experience…


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  1. Bobby says:

    That’s a smart way of thiiknng about it.


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