(K)now Not!

Knowledge is dangerous, ignorance is a bliss. We are conditioned since childhood to think in a particular manner, which limits our worldview. Therefore, Baba says that- “one should always be open to learning. Let nature be your guide. Never say that you know it all. Whatever you have learnt, unlearn and then relearn. It is a constant process. There is only one thing that I have done since past ten years- never resisted. Whatever came my way I accepted and went ahead with it.” Before coming to the Ashram, I never knew that life could be so simple only if we didn’t think! It’s time we stop wasting our precious energy in useless mind games and channelise it positively.

I am reminded of an interesting anecdote which Baba mentions often…

Dog and Bullock-Cart: The dog travelling in the shadow of a bull, glorifies itself thinking that the cart is being pulled by the dog. But the poor dog is unaware of the truth that actually the cart is being pulled by the bull, and that’s how he is also moving along. Instead of boasting in ego, the dog should be thankful that it’s been taken care of.

Human beings tend to portray similar kind of ignorance thinking they know all. The truth is otherwise.

“Your ego drives you away from your true self. You confuse the voice in your head with the real you. The ego’s (voice in the head) stream of thoughts make it difficult to observe it from a different perspective. You can’t just relax the ego or stop identifying with it… you have to kill it. It’s like suicide.

The only way to kill your ego is to stop being aware of the constant stream of thoughts it produces. It is hard work though. But once you start watching the string of thoughts, and not get carried away with it, you will experience emptiness.

It will take more guts than anything else you’ll ever do in your life. Teach yourself to respond to yourself, and not the voice which communicates with you. Feel free, and you will be set free. The world will sing with you…”


Photo Credits @givefoodinitiative, All Rights Reserved

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